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What We Trade


The global perfumes industry has been on a long road to success and forecasts show that it will remain so over the next ten years, making this a great industry to began purchasing on perfume wholesale. Worth more than $30 billion, it’s hard to ignore that the perfumes market is a great market to get a foot in. Because were are located in one of the prime European markets, we can be your reliable perfume wholesale supplier.


Interestingly, the fragrances industry has seen an increase in both men’s and women’s markets, leaving it easy to expand in many different directions. With our location in Germany, this makes us a prime fragrance wholesale supplier with connections that expand across the globe. Please do not hesitate us to put us as number one on your call list for all questions and concerns regarding the fragrance wholesale industry.

Hair Care

Many stores require hair care wholesale products due to their services offered. Beauty salons provide a massive sector where hair care wholesale products can be utilized to cut down on costs. You will save time by purchasing from one hair care wholesale supplier because we can deliver fast and at more affordable prices. We look forward to your inquiry and don’t hesitate to contact us for any hair care wholesale questions and concerns!

Skin Care

As the largest business field on the beauty market, we believe skin care should be the focus of every beauty retailer. Therefore, we are here to help you with each and every skin care wholesale need as your reliable skin care wholesale supplier. We offer a big selection of great product lines at affordable price levels, including many major and specialty brands. Set your sights on the beauty market by choosing us as your skin care wholesale supplier.


So many people nowadays use cosmetics, regardless of age and sex and location. This is key for the beauty industry because the cosmetics market has been rapidly growing in last decade and is estimated to be valued over $60 billion. As a cosmetics wholesale supplier, we offer options around the globe. No matter whether you are a distributor, retail dealer or in search of a reliable distributor with well-established connections, do not hesitate to contact us about cosmetics.


We operate a high-volume toiletries wholesale supplier division, which is why we can offer you the best deals on health & beauty items from global consumer brand companies as a toiletries wholesale supplier. The beauty market shows a robust forecast in the coming years so purchasing toiletries wholesale products is a good way to begin or expand into the market, while remaining cost-effective and also receive great, worldwide connections.

FMCG products

FMCG products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distinguish themselves by a low profit margin per unit, making them a great purchase to buy as FMCG wholesale. If you choose us as your partnered FMCG wholesale supplier, we can ensure a speedy transport of goods to anywhere in the world.

Branded Clothing

With a total revenue of more than $300 billion, it’s easy to see how purchasing branded clothing wholesale products could be a worthwhile investment. As a certified branded clothing wholesale supplier, we focus on high quality, original branded clothing, shoes and accessories and we emphasize professional communication with our customers at all times.

Branded Shoes

The branded shoes market provides a consistently increasing market, good news for those interested in purchasing branded shoes wholesale products. In general, global revenue is set to see significant upturns in the coming years so purchasing branded shoes wholesale products is definitely the right move. As our success is also dependent on your success, we emphasize our customer’s increase in profit margins and cost reduction, making us the ideal partner as a branded shoes wholesale supplier.


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